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Grabher Construction was established in 1967 by Elmar Grabher.  Initially, Elmar started by building both custom homes for specific clients, and developing projects for speculative sale.  In 1972, Fritz Grabher came to the United States to join his brother and add his unique skills to the growing business.  Together they have built many homes with the highest quality of craftsmanship and material.

In the early eighties, it was one special client that would provide a unique opportunity to demonstrate their combined skills and further the reputation of Grabher Construction as one of the premier custom builders in the Wood River Valley.  Grabher Construction was approached with plans for a Solar House on Fairway Road in Sun Valley.  Its design integrated exacting and detailed architecture design with state of the art technologies.  It was a challenge to build; both in the detail of its construction and the interaction with a complex project team spread across four states.  And, in building it, Elmar realized that he had developed a team of craftsman and suppliers who could offer a unique resource to clients and their architects for custom and specialty building in the Wood River Valley.

It is the core of craftsman, their skills and their experiences, that allow Grabher Construction to expand the scope and quality of their work.  And it extends beyond the job crews to the shop crews and administrative staff that support everyone’s effort.  By working closely with every subcontractor, from the moment a stake is pounded into the ground, quality is assured at every stage. 
Our finish carpenters are equally at ease setting formwork, framing a wall, or milling casework.  As a result, they are acutely aware that if any of the work is less than their best; their job as finish carpenters is made more difficult.  And that whatever aspect of the work they specialize in, they are part of a team.

By advancing our workers through this regime and experience, by offering guidance and building skills, and by expecting the best from everyone at every phase of work, we have developed an exceptionally competent crew; many who have worked for Grabher Construction of over twenty years.

Grabher Construction is truly a family business.  In 1992, Elmar’s daughter Elisabeth joined the company, learning the administrative and management tasks essential to operating the business.

Elisabeth has recently taken over Grabher Construction. She works to maintain the high standards of craftsmanship Grabher Construction has developed over the past forty years.  Elmar and Fritz are both still around.   Elmar is easing into retirement.  He lends his vast knowledge and experience by consulting on various projects.  Fritz is supervising projects and working hard in the field.

And a third generation is growing up.